Borough History

Borough History

Our Borough is rich in history beginning shortly before the Revolutionary War. Jacob Fisler purchased a tract of land containing 2,800 acres in the area of Clayton’s Cedar Green Cemetery. He and his son Leonard jointly purchased 3,755 acres extending from the cemetery to Aura. In 1850, the locality gradually took on the name of Fislertown, and consisted of five dwellings.

Jacob Fisler and Benjamin Beckett opened a glass factory at this time, which was a catalyst for a significant increase in the population. On June 23, 1852, the first post office was established. Clayton Township was created on February 5, 1858, and included portions of Franklin Township. Parts of Clayton Township were subsequently taken to form Glassboro Township on March 11, 1878.

At a special election in May of 1887, the electorate voted to incorporate and become a Borough; and in June, Clayton elected its first Mayor.

Glassworks remained the key industry for years with Moore Brothers Glassworks, Pierce Glassworks, and Clevenger Brothers as the leading manufacturers over time. The pieces from these artisans are collected world-wide, and keep the historical ambiance of our Borough dynamic.

Today, the Borough is a thriving community of just over 8,000 people who are proud of its history, growth, and development. The Borough has a dedicated volunteer fire company, a committed police force, and many civic organizations and Borough committees, as well as active volunteers. Included is the Clayton Historic Advisory Committee, which oversees the Borough’s artifacts and preserves items of historical interest. To see these items and learn more about the history of our town, please visit the museum, located on East Avenue.