About Us

The Construction Code Official is primarily responsible for enforcing the building codes as established by New Jersey’s Division of Codes and Standards to protect the health and safety of residents. The codes are set forth in the Uniform Construction Code, which includes the subcode requirements for building, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, energy, mechanical, elevator, radon, asbestos, rehabilitation and barrier-free subcodes, and lead hazard abatement.

The Construction Office must issue a permit(s) for allowing work/improvements to be done. The Construction Official, and/or the subcode official(s) will inspect the work when the homeowner or contractor has completed the job for conformance to code.

The Technical Assistant to the Construction Code Official assists the Official by setting appointments, completing paperwork, creating reports, and answering residents’ questions.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jack Eckler Construction Code Official
Samantha Langley Technical Asst. to Construction Code Official