Public Works

About Us

The Public Works Department is primarily responsible for water and sewer operations, maintenance of streets and roads, repair and rehabilitation of Borough facilities, and maintenance of Borough parks and sports fields.

As the Borough has its own water distribution system, a significant portion of the department’s workload involves ensuring water quality meets all state and federal regulations, installing new connections, repairing existing water mains, reading water meters, and assisting with water/sewer billing and collections.

While the Borough is a member of the Gloucester County Utilities Authority for sewer services, the Department remains responsible for maintaining sewer lift stations, handling sewer backups, and addressing drainage issues.

The Recycling Coordinator works in this Department and is responsible for working with the trash/recycling company, Gold Medal Environmental, to ensure all current regulations for recycling are enforced.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Joseph Hunt Public Works Director (856) 881-3778
Rebecca Viola Public Works Clerk (856) 881-3778